These physicians say it best.


We're not the type to brag. Instead, here's what doctors are saying about their experience with Corinthian:


Dr. Stephen Hurlbut
"The best part of working with Corinthian is that they work as a true partner in making your business successful. They listen to your concerns; they are innovative in developing your business plan; and they follow through on their promises. The reason our business is successful is because we have the people of Corinthian Services as our partner."

Dr. Todd Levine
"Corinthian took our infusion center from a small struggling place to a very profitable part of our practice.  In fact the infusion center is the most profitable part of our practice. When they started we were doing 1,000 grams of IVIG a month and we know do over 6,000 grams per month.  They have a really great system where they make your life incredibly simple. We hardly even think about our infusion suite because they are so comprehensive in how they manage every detail.  They removed all the stress from our office staff about worrying about whether an authorization was good and about worrying about."